Bloggers Galore (#1)

I guess I should first start off with a cliché welcome to my blog, however,  I want to be creative and different so instead of giving you reasons to follow mine, I am going to suggest a few other bloggers that are truly killing the blogging game. By the way, I’m Sienna a twenty-year-old attending the Fashion Institute of New York.

One of the first bloggers that I absolutely adore is Eva Gutowski who runs a blog entitled My Life As Eva. I first discovered her when I was in high school, I actually came across her Youtube page before her blog. She specializes in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and most recently debuted her fashion brand; It’s All Wild. Eva has the perfect blog if you’re looking for travel inspiration, what to wear for your first day of classes or even if you want to learn how to do a sweet and simple makeup look.

The next blogger I initially found from her captivating personal Instagram feed. That blogger is Chiara Ferragni, she runs the blog The Blonde Salad. She’s not only a successful blogger, she’s a social media star, with nearly 10 million followers alone on Instagram. Her blog features lifestyle, beauty, fashion, her online shop, and a people section which shares her favorite designers, man crush Monday, and women crush Wednesday. I personally prefer her Instagram over her blog, but her blog is just as great. I love seeing where she and her boyfriend are traveling to each week and what she is up to. I also love seeing the new projects that she is working on. Definitely, make sure to check her blog and Instagram out!

The last blogger I would like to talk about is Aimee Song, the writer behind Song of Style. Like Chiara, I also found Aimee through her captivating Instagram feed. Though she is not just a fashion and travel blog. She also features an interior design section which I find the most intriguing. Like Chiara and Eva, Aimee also has her own book and clothing line.


These three women definitely have some similar styles but add a unique twist which sets them apart for another. I highly suggest checking these three fashionable ladies out. Whether it’s their blogs or social medias; you will definitely want to keep up with them in the future.

One comment

  1. goldenskylines · September 10, 2017

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I always see pictures of Chiara Ferragni on social media, but I never knew that she had her own blog. I’m so glad you included her here so now I can read her blog!


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